About Storytale

Storytale is a service that allows you to get premium quality illustrations gathered in one place on a subscription basis. It’s a perfect place for designers, where they can find cool visuals for their projects. This project is created by Craftwork in order to implement our plans for a unique marketplace where there will be only the best illustrations from around the world at an affordable price to everyone

Team behind

Denis Shepovalov

Founder, Product designer

Dima Grinchenko

Front-end developer

Andrey Pudov

Front-end developer

Polina Kuzina


Yulia Sazonova



The first thoughts on creating a subscription service to sell illustrations originated last year. Our goal was to create universal service where you can access thousands of premium illustrations, sell your own illustrations, communicate with other designers and a lot of other things. Generally, it was a kind of community for designers, where they would find useful stuff for their work or just improving design skills.

We started creating concept and discussing how to realize it. The main question was how to get started. We had a lot of things in our plans, but they did not overlap with the realities in which we were. Having thought it over, we decided to start by making a marketplace, where we will invite the coolest illustrators and collect the best illustrations at the release.


Designers drew the platform, manager started to collect a list of illustrators, we even contacted some, offering to get early access to our service (which was just being drawn at that moment) and to sell their super-cool illustrations there. Many of them agreed and began to ask what kind of service it was, how it would work, what functionality it would have, how to get there and test it, and a lot of other questions. We were confused because we didn't have answers to their questions. In our vision, it was a cool project with a great idea and design that we were working on. But we did not bother with its technical aspects yet.


We began to think further about how it should work, functionality that would allow using the service fully for both subscribers and contributors. We began to face problems since the project was quite serious, it required a lot of time and skills. And we were just a small team, mainly consisting of designers and even more so, we already had an active market Craftwork, which we could not abandon and completely devote ourselves to a new project. Also, at some stages, the vision of the team members diverged and we could not decide what to do. After all, we decided to pause the project for a while.

Everything returned to the very first stage and began to think over everything again. We decided to create a less universal, but more convenient service for customers. So we came up to what we have right now - not so big, but awesome service with more than 1000 premium quality illustrations where you can find the right one for you on any subject.

Version 1

At the moment, our goals are aimed at further development and expansion of our service, providing our customers with more high-quality illustrations. We still keep in mind the idea of a marketplace and a large community for designers. Our team is constantly working on improving Storytale and a lot of cool features are going to be added in the future. So, stay tuned, subscribe to our socials to not miss something interesting.